30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 7

A wise teacher once said, “Friendship … is a real gift. It’s given with no expectations and no gratitude is needed, not between real friends.”

The wise Mr. Feeny was right—friendship is a real gift. It is given with no expectations. But I disagree about the gratitude part—especially when I’m so thankful and grateful for my best, truest friend.

I met my best friend in English 1020. We were roommates during our sophomore year and then lived in an apartment our senior year. I don’t think you every truly know someone until you live with them. While Stephen and my parents probably know the most about me, Kourtney would be next in that line.

Kourtney and I have seen each other at some of our best and worst times. She and Dustin were the only ones present when Stephen & I got engaged. When Dustin planned a “surprise birthday party” for Kourtney, I knew instantly that he was about to propose (and persuaded him to tell me).

Some of my best memories are with Kourtney. As Stephen put it the other night, she’s my “person.” We once fought off a giant spider with a can of hairspray and a fly-swatter. Then there was the time we thought someone was trying to break in, so we grabbed a frying pan, hid in her bedroom closet, and called the police. And somehow, we managed to share one small bathroom for an entire year.

What can I say? We were two girls living alone.

This is what we often looked like:


I’m not sure I would have made it through college without Kourtney. That seems a little bit dependent, but everyone needs a true friend to stick beside them when things are tough and celebrate when things are wonderful. When I struggled with finding a job, she saw all of those struggles. When I was pacing around the apartment before graduation, she calmed me down. We got to see each other’s lives and accomplishments firsthand. We watched each other fall in love with our husbands, finalize wedding plans, succeed at internships (I’m happy to say we are both working where we interned), and start grown-up lives. And while our work schedules are complete opposites and we never see each other anymore, Kourtney is still my best friend. I know I can go to her with anything and everything and find a listening ear.



For day 7, I’m thankful that I met my best friend in freshman English class—I’m thankful we both needed roommates for the following year and took a chance on living together.

I love ya, Kourt!

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