30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 13

I met Stephen’s family on our first date.

Seriously. What guy takes a girl to meet his family… on the first date?

Apparently the one I married.

Stephen and I were freshmen in college when we began dating. He lived at home with his parents and I lived in the dorms. I’m not sure Kathi knew what she was getting herself into the first time she invited me to dinner—once I came over, I didn’t stop. I ate dinner at their house 4-5 nights a week that first year of college. My mom was frustrated with me because she paid a lot of money for a meal plan I never used; I was happy because I wasn’t eating in the cafeteria.

Stephen’s family has taken me in and accepted me into their family. From that first date, they have been welcoming and loving. They’ve been there for me when I’ve been sick, helped Stephen and I out financially, and have always opened their home to me.

Today, for day 13, I’m thankful for my in-laws, Stephen’s parents. I’m so thankful that they have become a second family to me, especially when I live far from my own family. I’m thankful for the way they raised Stephen. I’m so blessed to be married to a wonderful, kind, God-fearing man who respects and loves me.

Thanks John & Kathi for loving me, letting me marry your son, and accepting me as a second daughter! I love you.



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