30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 16

Today I am thankful for my grandparents and Stephen’s grandparents. I am blessed to have such good, special relationships with all of my grandparents. I’m also blessed to have such a great relationship with Stephen’s grandparents.


I have a lot of special memories with my Nana & Papaw and Mimi & Papa. I used to spend one or two weeks every summer at my Nana and Papaw’s house. I learned how to make porcelain dolls, paint, sew, and make jewelry; I even got to help Nana with her art classes she taught for kids during the summer.


There were many long weekends spent at my Mimi and Papa’s house, filled with UT basketball games and shopping excursions. I remember on my 11th birthday, Mimi took me to the department store at the mall and let me get a makeover at one of the makeup counters. I remember the shopping spree too— Limited Too got some good business from us!


Stephen’s grandparents are also very special to me. Grandma & Grandpa are such an important part of Stephen’s life, and they are an important part in mine too. Pa Jerry & Ernie are wonderful, and I know I will always receive a hug from Pa Jerry when I see him.


Day 16: I’m thankful for my relationships with my grandparents. I cherish my memories with them and I am so grateful that they are part of my life!

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