30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 17

When Stephen and I got married, we were broke. We both worked part-time jobs and Stephen was still in school. Sometimes we look at each other and go, “How in the world did we make it?”

Today I am thankful for God’s provision over my life. It’s easy to complain about the cost of groceries and gas, the size of our apartment, or my commute to work. Sadly, it’s first nature to complain. I wish I thought about things from this perspective more often:

—Groceries may be expensive, but I can afford them and I’ve never gone hungry.

—Gas prices may be high, but I have a car to get me where I’m going.

—My apartment may seem small sometimes, but I have a roof over my head.

—My commute to work may seem long, but I have a job to go to everyday.

The Lord is so good, and everything I have been given I owe back to God.

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