30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 26

I decided to do something different for my thankful post today. Instead of writing about one big thing I’m thankful for, I decided to list 20 unusual, smaller things that make me smile. After all, it’s the little things that count too, right?

I am thankful for …

1. the feeling I get when a Pinterest recipe is a big success.

2. the smell of a brand new candle burning.

3.  Christmas lights shining in windows around our neighborhood.

4.  paid vacation time at work.

5. the quilt my nana made me that I wrap up in every night.

6. Justin Timberlake. 



7. Hallmark Christmas movies.

8. the button lamp that I once made for my great-grandmother; it’s the only thing I have that was hers.

9. the feeling you get when there are no bills in the mailbox.

10. the furniture in our apartment. We didn’t buy a single piece of it.

11. bargain shopping groups on Facebook.

12. Google. Seriously—where would we be without it?

13. companies who truly care about their customers.

14. my iPhone calendar alerts.

15. co-workers I can laugh with.

16. afternoon phone calls with my momma after work.

17. a mother-in-law who constantly tells me I’m the perfect person for her son.

18. an apartment that furnishes a washing machine and dryer.

19. coupons. I like them a lot.

20. my entire shoe and purse collection. I’m materialistic…sue me.

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