My Best Friend’s Wedding

Tomorrow is my best friend’s wedding day. Allison and I have been friends for almost 18 years. As she said earlier today, our friendship is officially a legal adult. I’m so thankful for Allison, and so happy that she has found Andrew. Their nerdiness complements each other. (Just kidding—okay, not really.)

Allison is the kind of friend everyone wishes they could have. When we were younger, people often told us that our friendship wouldn’t last after high school and we would eventually grow apart. Thankfully they were wrong. I still count her as one of my best friends.

In honor of Allison’s wedding weekend, I thought I would share something I wrote about her our senior year of high school. Allison and I were co-editors of our high school paper, and for the senior issue, we wrote a feature article on each other. (Please excuse the horrible writing and grammar. I’m happy to say I’m much better than I once was.)

Everyone needs a friend like this… and to think I met mine at Buddy’s BBQ

We disagree over who approached whom first, but it was one of those moments when you look back and realize God really had a plan. It was the summer before second grade at Buddy’s BBQ, and we were both there with our families. Eying one another from across the restaurant throughout all of dinner, one finally approached the other saying, “Don’t we go to the same school?”

That was the day I met Allison. Although the actual “friendship” didn’t quite begin on that particular day, that meeting sure helped when I walked into Mrs. Cox’s second grade class and saw her familiar face. It was nice to have somebody to sit next to during class and play with on the playground. When we would draw and color in class, I would draw pictures of the two of us. We became inseparable—where one went, the other followed.

littlekidsAllie and I are two of the most different people that you will ever meet. She’s logical, reasonable, and tends to be more upbeat than I am. I jump to conclusions, I’m very loud, and I’m not as perky as she is. Yet we’ve still somehow managed to be the perfect pair—we balance each other out, occasionally smack some sense into the other, and simply complete each other.

There have been times in my life where I don’t think I could have ever gotten through without Al. She has been there for me when I didn’t think I had anyone else to turn to. I remember when I was having a rough time in middle school going through some health problems. It was a difficult time for me, and Allison knew it. She showed up at my house one afternoon with a teddy bear and a plate of cookies. Those cookies didn’t last very long, but I still to this day have that teddy bear. Everyone needs a friend like Allison: someone who is going to support you no matter what, bring you a teddy bear when you’re not feeling well, and simply make you laugh hysterically just because she can. I’m lucky I have had this friend for 11 years.


I probably know more about Allison than most people. I know she dances as she walks, she still has Christina Aguliera and N*Sync CDs on her shelf, and her closet is a complete mess most of the time. I also know she will probably kill me for telling the entire student body that her closet is usually a mess. She likes root beer and Dr. Pepper, and she really likes the fried chicken that is only served on Sunday at Cracker Barrel. She is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves reading Jane Austen, but Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte is one of her favorite books. However, Ella Enchanted has been her favorite book since middle school and will probably remain her favorite for a while. She turns red when people rave about how amazing she is (because it is all true), and she is one of the only people that can be so insanely perky without being completely annoying. I could go on forever, but that would take away the little things you find out as you get to know her.

It has been a wonderful experience to work with her on the paper. To be honest, and I probably never even told her this, I was a little nervous about working side-by-side with her on The Panther Prowl. We had never actually worked together on a project in all the years we’ve been in school together. But all my nerves were pushed aside as we successfully finished the first issue of the paper. Honestly, if you’re looking for someone to keep you calm when you’re stressing out, Allison is the one to go to. She was the voice of reason among the editors and tried her hardest to de-stress us. This publication would not be the same without her.

olderThere are times where I wonder what I would do without her, or what my life would have been like had we not met at Buddy’s or were not in the same 2nd grade class. This August, we’ll be saying our goodbyes to each other as we go our separate ways on a new adventure in life. I know there will be times where I miss her hugs and the dorky faces she makes that make me laugh. But I know this goodbye is not forever—not a chance! In my opinion, we’ve made it through eleven years of friendship, so we can make it through many more.

Allison, you’ve been like a sister to me, and I love you. Good luck, and remember I’m always a phone call away.

To this day, every word is still true! Allison, I love you, and I’m so happy for you. Best wishes, and remember…I’m always a phone call away. 

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