Just an update on our lives …

I don’t normally post “life update” blogs. It sometimes feels like those long, wordy letters you get at Christmastime, but I felt like it was important to share everything that’s happening in our lives right now.

Around this time last year, Stephen and I started talking about new ideas, discussing what God’s plans for us were, and figuring out what the second year of marriage held for us. I had been working at LifeWay for about six months, and we started discussing the possibility of me going back to school. I have always wanted to get my master’s, and I knew I needed to do it as soon as possible. At the same time, Stephen was graduating from MTSU with his degree in organizational communications, and he received a promotion with Murfreesboro City Schools shortly after graduation (salaries rock). We also began what became one of the most trying, spiritually difficult times of our life together—interviewing at churches. (In addition to all of that, we celebrated our first anniversary, bought a car,  and moved in May-June 2013. Whew.)

That was exactly one year ago.

It has been a long year.

This past year has been a season of waiting and praying. It hasn’t always been easy. Stephen served as an interim at two churches, and during the time in between, we hopped around churches all over Murfreesboro. We’ve been in and out of church doors. On a personal level, I longed for community and a solid church family. I craved a small group. I missed the women that had poured so much of their lives into my own. We waited, we prayed, we trusted God and His timing … but it wasn’t always the easiest choice.

But trusting God is always the best choice. His plans are so much greater than our own. I look back where we were in May 2013 and can see how God has worked through everything we’ve experienced in the last year. I can see how He strengthened us through rejection, how He caused us to lean on Him through worry, and the people He brought into our lives to encourage us. Now, one year later, in May 2014 … here’s where we are.

I received my acceptance letter to Union University at the end of April. I’ll be starting online courses this fall. I’ll be part of the Master’s of Christian Studies program and I’m very excited. I’m a nerd and I love reading and doing homework. Seriously … I can’t wait to write my first paper. (Stop laughing.)

Stephen was hired on May 4th as the worship leader at Westwood Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, Tenn. I’m so proud of him. He’s so gifted and driven. He’s passionate about what he does. He has created and organized an insane spreadsheet of every single song the choir knows along with chord charts, lyrics, and other musical stuff I don’t understand. He has a blog for the church to learn more about the music. (http://westwoodworship.org) He’s a great leader and he loves people. But this is big for both of us—I’m excited to be part of a church family again. I’ve missed the community that comes with being part of a church. They have welcomed us in so warmly, and we are so grateful to be joining them.

To our friends and family … Y’all have supported us so much in this last year and we truly appreciate it. We love y’all. We’re so excited to be entering into year three of marriage! (YEAR THREE. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!)


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