Expired Coupons? Send ‘Em to the Troops!

couponslove clipping coupons. I sit at my mother-in-law’s kitchen table every Sunday afternoon and clip coupons from the newspaper. I have an email address specifically for product and manufacturer coupons. And let’s not even get into the digital coupon thing—I have more store rewards cards than I can count.

But here’s the thing—I rarely use all of these coupons. I usually use the hair/makeup coupons, but food? I buy so many store brands and avoid the name brands. Those coupons tend to just sit in my envelope until they’re expired. I’m willing to bet many of you have the same problem—and I have a solution!

Did you know military troops stationed overseas can use expired coupons? Guys, this is a big deal. Our military is already serving us in some big ways—the least we can do here is send our coupons! I asked a couple of my Facebook friends who have spouses in the military if they knew of any organizations that collect the coupons and distribute them to families. They were a huge help and directed me to two organizations—Support Our Troops and Coups for Troops. Both sound like great options.

I think I’ll probably start sending my coupons to Troopons with Support Our Troops—it seems to be the easiest system. Coups for Troops also seems like a great organization with several places to mail coupons.

Since I think I’ll start sending my coupons to Support Our Troops, I’ll go ahead and give you their instructions.


Y’all. Do this. It doesn’t take that much effort. Our troops and their families are already sacrificing so much—let’s do something awesome for them!

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