Lessons From My Father

img_1614-1My dad is my biggest supporter and fan. He’s been there to cheer me on and encourage me whenever I’ve doubted my skills, abilities or gifts. So to honor him on this Father’s Day, I thought I would share four life lessons from my dad.

1. Always be yourself—even if that means showing your crazy side. My dad is weird. I say that in the nicest, most loving way possible. He. Is. Weird. Guys, my teenage years consisted of traveling to BBQ competitions and watching my dad dress up as Elvis and smoke a slab of baby back ribs. That’s not a normal childhood. However, now that I am an adult, I’ve come to accept I’m just as weird as my dad. But he taught me early on to just be myself and be OK with who I am.

2. Don’t let “obstacles” slow you down. My dad wears hearing aids. He’s worn them my entire life. That’s because he was born with extreme hearing loss—about 80 percent in both ears. He’s gone through several different types of hearing aids, but he didn’t let that slow him down. In fact, he chose a career that few people with hearing loss would opt for: He travels around the country, giving talks about the products his company sells and making sales pitches. He didn’t let a “disability” stop him.

3. Life’s short; eat dessert.
My dad says we are “dessertatarians.” Some people like meat. Some people like vegetables. Some people like fruit. We like cake, pie, cookies and brownies. Life’s too short to skip dessert (especially if it’s made by Mimi).


4. Stay humble. Tim McGraw would add “and kind,” and I would agree with that, too. My dad taught me that there are more important things than making money and a name for myself. Which is good, because I’m a writer, and let’s face it—I’m never going to have money! Dad (and Momma) taught me that life is more than money or prestige; it’s about loving and serving God, being a good friend, serving others, and being humble (and kind).

2 thoughts on “Lessons From My Father

  1. I love this Megan! It sounds like you have an awesome dad. What a sweet and thoughtful way to honor him on Father’s day.

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