Worth the Wait

“Paper pregnant.”

That’s a term I didn’t really understand until we started the adoption process. Sure, I knew adoption required a lot of paperwork, but I don’t think I truly understood how much. But gosh, y’all. It’s a lot. We each had to write autobiographical statements, telling our life story. There were about 43 questions we had to address in this statement. Mine was originally 12 pages, but I finally edited it down to seven. I’m sure our social worker was thankful. In the last month, we have gathered references; rounded up birth certificates and our marriage license; filled out questionnaires about our families and childhood; completed “child preference” questionnaires—don’t get me started on that; made contingency plans in case something happens to us one day; drew fire plans and marked escape routes; listed all our assets, debts and values of our house/cars/possessions; made copies of social security cards, licenses, and car, home and life insurance policies; pestered our vet to write a letter saying Rosie is happy and healthy; provided a list of every prior residence; gathered letters from our employers; made copies of tax returns; and much, much more.

It’s a lot.

It would be really easy to complain and say, “People don’t have to do this before getting pregnant!” Actually, I have said that. I said it right around the time I was drawing floor plans for our home and marking every possible escape in case of fire. I grumbled and muttered under my breath, “No pregnant woman has to do this before her baby is born.”

But, y’all, it’s so worth it.

The moment a baby is placed in my arms, I won’t care about the hours spent making copies and tracking down the necessary information.

The hand cramps from signing our names on 50+ pages of paperwork? They won’t matter.
The frustration I felt after the 17th revision of our profile book? It will be forgotten.
The hours spent writing an autobiographical statement? It’s in the past. 

It’s worth it. I keep reminding myself of that, because I know that this is only going to get harder. The waiting period, I know, will be one of the most excruciating times of our lives. But the frustration, pain and anxiety I feel now can’t compare to the joy that is coming.

It’s worth the wait.


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