Jumping on the Podcast Train

I’m late to the podcast party. I’m fully aware of that. I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs introduced the podcast software to the world back in 2005, but here I am, 12 years later, just jumping on board.

I’m usually behind the times. That is, until now!

I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I discovered a woman named Jamie Ivey. She seemed fun, she is an adoption advocate, and her husband is a worship pastor. I thought, “Hey! I’m pursuing adoption and my husband is a worship leader. I think I’ll follow her.” It didn’t take long (like 5 minutes) for me to discover she hosted a weekly podcast called “The Happy Hour With Jamie Ivey.”

Honestly? My first thought was, “A podcast? Seriously? Who even listens to those anymore?” Well, apparently, millions of people. (Remember, I’m behind the times.) After a few days of following Jamie on Instagram, I decided I’d give her podcast a whirl. I scrolled through the endless apps on my iPhone until I found “Podcasts” buried in the folder that I keep my “pointless” apps in. A quick search for Jamie’s name revealed more than 100 episodes with some of my favorite Christian women—Shelley Giglio, Beth Moore, Ann Voskamp, Jen Wilkin, Gloria Furman, Trillia Newbell. Um, hello. Sign me up. That next day, I turned on Bluetooth and set my phone to play over my car speakers, and I listened to Jamie chat with Amy from the Bobby Bones Show as I drove into work. After that episode, I was hooked.

So I searched for more podcasts—and now I have three favorites, which I want to share with you!

Happy-Hour-Logo-Clear The Happy Hour With Jamie IveyI love listening to Jamie, and I love and admire the way she listens to the guests on her show. She knows how to ask questions and then sit back and truly listen—that’s a quality that a lot of people don’t have. I love the Happy Hour, because I get something from every episode. Jamie talks to her guests like she’s talking with a girlfriend—they talk about kids, marriage, life issues, favorite books, things they’re loving, but throughout it all, Jamie manages to point back to Jesus. I’ve never met Jamie personally (though I want to), but it’s so evident from the way she talks to people that she is just overflowing with the love of Jesus. My favorite episodes are #82 with Shay Shull, #108 with Beth Moore and #132 with Heather Avis.

annie-artworkThat Sounds Fun With Annie F. DownsConfession: Sometimes I feel like Annie Downs and I are really good friends. That’s so not true, because we’ve never met in person (although there was that one time that I sat a few rows behind her at a Dave Barnes concert and didn’t  say hi). I’ve read her books, and I just love her. Annie’s podcast is just fun. You can tell she truly loves the guests on her show by the way she talks to them and interacts with them. I laugh every time. I loved, loved, loved the Episode #25 with Rebekah Lyons, Episode #27 with Ellie Holcomb, and you know I adored the two-part episode with Dave Barnes.

11501549The Popcast With Knox and JamieI want to be friends with these people. I so enjoy their conversations about somewhat pointless pop culture topics, and I love their witty banter. I haven’t committed to being a Patreon supporter yet (adoption costs moolah, y’all), but I do go back and listen to old episodes every week. I love it. I can’t give you a favorite episode because I think you should listen to—and love—them all.


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