3 Things We’ve Learned in the Adoption Process

Stephen rarely shares his personal thoughts on Facebook—most of his posts are sports-related, updating a profile picture, or sharing one of my own blog posts. However, today he shared some of his thoughts and observations from the last seven months of the adoption process. As most of you know, we have recently been matched with an expectant mother, and we are overjoyed and thrilled at the thought of welcoming a baby boy later this year. I don’t plan to share many details about the adoption on this blog (or really anywhere else for that matter), because Stephen and I desire to keep the mother’s life private—her story is not ours to share with everyone. However, I wanted to share Stephen’s words, which are below.

I haven’t posted on here much for good reason: The share button is a great thing when your wife is so great with words, but I figured I would just share some of my observations and the things I have learned throughout this whole adoption process. We are nowhere near the end, but God is writing a story that is far greater than anything I could dream or imagine.

1. Adoption is not for wimps.

This process has been hard! On night one, when we went to the information meeting, we were told that adoption is not for wimps and if you can’t handle it then you don’t need to do it. And wow, were they right. I’m sure if you have read any of Megan’s blog posts then you know and understand this has been a hard process. There have been many nights of tears, asking God why, and just straight-up frustration that we weren’t able to have kids.

2. God is great.

We know that we are far from the finish line. Being matched is just one turn on this journey of adoption, but it is so beautiful to see how God is working through every part of it. We believe that God picked this expectant mother for us on day one. We were sitting in the doctor’s waiting room talking with her, and it felt like we had all been friends for years. When we first met her, God answered so many questions as to why we have been waiting for the perfect match. I have been so awestruck by God’s faithfulness through this journey. I am thankful that even when I question Him, He is still there and faithful.

3. People are always willing to help.

We have been so blessed by all the ways people have helped us, from buying baby 22815542_10209741504803577_9120292006710924971_nclothes, formula, and diapers, to just encouraging us with kind words. It has been overwhelming at times. I went into the nursery last night and just stared at everything we had and began to thank God for bringing people into our lives to be a blessing. So, thank you. For all the people who have bought shirts or BBQ, shopped at the yard sale, bought baby clothes for us, or even just said an encouraging word … we could not have done this without you!

This journey is far from over, but we are thankful to God that He has led us in this way. No matter what happens, we know that God is good and working all things for His glory and His fame. We covet your prayers through this crazy and constantly changing time. We truly do feel your prayers and we’re so grateful for them! Continue to pray for this sweet mother who is doing one of the most selfless things you can do.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This month, I’ll be sharing a few ways that you can support families who are fostering and/or pursuing adoption. To start, check out my latest post on small businesses that have ties to adoption and foster care


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