Writing + Editing

H2U Magazine (Health to You)

“Return to Slender” (Spring 2015)
“Eat Like an Italian” (Spring 2015)
“Surprisingly Easy Ways to Express Love” (Summer 2015)
“Blood: The River of Life” (Fall 2015)
“Taking a Leap: Turning a Rut into an Opportunity” (Fall 2015)
“Watch What You Say” (Fall 2015)
“Play’s the Thing” (Fall 2015)
“Wok and Roll With Chinese Cuisine” (Fall 2015)
“Second Chances: Organ Donation Saves Lives” (Spring 2016)
“Back to School: Exploring the Branches of Knowledge” (Summer 2016)
“The Power of Friendship” (Fall 2016)
“Why Do My Feet Hurt?” (Fall 2016)
“Understanding the Urinary System” (Winter 2017)
“A Beginner’s Guide to Homemade Frozen Dinners” (Winter 2017)
“Life Interrupted” (Spring 2017)
“Ease Your Worries” (Spring 2017)
“Cooking for One” (Spring 2017)
“Living With Parkinson’s Disease” (Summer 2017)
“You: Identified” (Summer 2017)
“On the Front Lines” (Summer 2017)
“Salad Extravaganza” (Summer 2017)

The Source (HealthTrust)

“Upping Your Scores: Strategies for Increasing Patient Satisfaction” (Q2, 2015)
“Diversity Matters” (Q3, 2015)
“Combating the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis” (Q4, 2015)
“Better Blood Management” (Q1, 2016)
“Discussing the End of Life With Grace” (Q2, 2016)
“On the Fast Track to Success” (Q3, 2016)
“Changing the World” (Q4, 2016)
“911 Emergency” (Q1, 2017)
“Code Silver” (Q1, 2017)
“The Sepsis Detectives” (Q2, 2017)
“Healthcare in an Online World: 5 Best Practices for Reputation Management” (Q3, 2017)

American Spirit (Daughters of the American Revolution)

“Beyond Photoshop” (May/June 2015)
“Engaging a New Generation With a Passion for History” (July/August 2015)
“A Pacifist’s Dilemma: Quakers and the Revolutionary War” (Nov/Dec 2015)
“The Paxton House and Inn: Restoring a Piece of Kentucky History” (Jan/Feb2016)
“American’s Havens of Diplomacy” (May/June 2016)
“Photo Sharing Etiquette” (July/August 2016)
“The Heartbeat of Connecticut” (Sept/Oct 2016)
“Flour Fit for a King or Queen” (Nov/Dec 2016)
“Honoring the Unknown” (November/December 2016)
“The Art of Early American Handwriting” (January/February 2017)
“The Old Moneymaker” (March/April 2017)
“The Language of Flowers” (May/June 2017)
“An All-American Adventure” (July/August 2017)

Copy Editing: Small-Group Bible Studies (LifeWay Christian Resources)

Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole by Eric Mason (2013)
The Gospel of Luke: From the Outside In by Dave Morlan and D.A. Carson (2013)
Let Hope In by Pete Wilson (2013)
Do Over by Ben Mandrell (2013)
When Relationships Collide by Ron Edmondson (2013)
Overwhelmed by Perry Noble (2014)
The Sermon on the Mount by Jen Wilkin (2014)
Rebuild: A Study in Nehemiah by Kathleen Nielson (2014)
Ready to Launch by J.D. and Veronica Greear (2014)
The Two-Minute Drill to Manhood by John Croyle (2014)
ConnectedMy Life in the Church by Thom Rainer (2014)
Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God by Freddy Cardoza (2014)